5 Free Apps That Will Help You Master 3-D, Save Money, Go Hiking, And Much More

Hey, it’s almost the weekend. Have some free apps.


If you want to go for a hike, need to stop spending so much money (that you don’t have), or are interested in bringing your photography habit into the third dimension, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Level Money (iOS [Android coming soon!])

You thought it would be the last time–the last time!–your bank account spiraled into the red. But of course, like any good millennial, you blew your paycheck on a wild shopping spree of burritos and decorative gourds.

So let’s fix that. Level Money is the app that realizes that millennials spend money on weird things and, as told by Co.Design’s Mark Wilson, “designs around our contemporary impulses.”

Much like Mint (Level Money and Mint actually share a backend by Intuit), all you do is connect your bank account to the app, and it will analyze all of your income and expenses for you. Level Money’s biggest difference is on the front end–that it will leave you with one big number in one big circle: A “money meter” that explains how many dollars you have left to spend that day, in whatever combination of mustache wax, pickling spices, and calf-hugging denim you see fit.

All Trails (iOS and Android)


It’s mid-October and prime “peaking” season is here. So get out of the office and enjoy nature. The leaves outside are changing colors. You should look at them.

What does All Trails do? It gives you access to trail routes in traditional and topographic maps, lets you edit trails (in the app), and tracks your progress throughout the day with GPS. And, of course, it has the critical feature of offline maps–just download your trail and head out into the wilderness.

Listastic (iOS)

Listastic is a straightforward, simple productivity app. It does, however, employ one very helpful and unique feature: collaborative lists. For example, you might share a grocery list with your significant other, or a party-planning list with a group of friends.

Seene (iOS)


This is really cool, check it out:


With Seene, you can make your own 3-D images from your iPhone. And it’s not super complicated.

Taking a seene on your phone is simple. Point your phone at your subject, and move around it to capture it from different angles. Your progress is overlaid on top of the video feed, and your seene will build automatically upon completion. See around your subject by rotating your phone in your hand.

Dumb Ways To Die (iOS and Android)


Spun off from the super popular video (see below) the Dumb Ways To Die app is now available on Android. Enjoy 15 mini-games where you, well, avoid dumb ways to die.

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