Watch The Rise And Fall Of A Millennial Relationship Compressed Into Five Minutes

No matter how many relationships we’ve had, no matter how many breakups we’ve endured–the excitement, the love, and the pain inevitably feel fresh each time. Like these emotions are happening to you, and only you, uniquely.

Well, improv comedians Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn have a news flash, especially if you’re a dating 20- or 30-something: It’s very possible that your experience can be summed up in five minutes of clichés.

Their comedy video, A Relationship in 5 Minutes, directed by Court Dunn, is pretty hilarious, mainly because it hits on the very real emotions and frustrations that anyone who is young in an urban dating scene has probably experienced (myself included).

From Autumn and Matthew’s first date at a sushi restaurant (it got great reviews on Yelp) and their awkward conversation about stalking each other on Facebook, to their blissful days in love and, later, their increasingly heated arguments about the cap left off the toothpaste (Matthew is so “OCD,” Autumn says not long before their breakup), watch to see a year’s worth of relationship drama on your coffee break.

It does hint at the new ways many people are connecting, but not in the way you would expect. They don’t actually meet online. Autumn and Matthew meet as strangers who see each other from afar, and only when they get sick of each other, Matthew is attracted by the beautiful profile pictures of women on