This Is What The First Apple Computer Production Line Looked Like

Back in the day, when there were just two Apple employees–and they were both called Steve–they worked out of a bedroom.

This Is What The First Apple Computer Production Line Looked Like
[Image: Flickr user Liz West]

An auction for one of the first computers ever produced by Apple has turned up this rather poignant photo.

Apple 1: Steve Jobs bedroom industry.Image via ATBreker/BNPS

It’s a pile of box-fresh Apple 1 computers, sitting in a bedroom somewhere in California. The snap came to light after the sale earlier this year of an Apple 1 machine, which fetched $671,400. Another machine–in pristine condition, still in its original cardboard box, belonging to an American computer enthusiast 30 years ago–has come on the market.

Apple 1 ComputerImage via Breker Auctions

It’s number 46–each box was individually numbered–out of the initial batch of 50, created in Steve Jobs’s parents’ house. If you look at the chest of drawers in the foreground of the top photo, you can see a soldering iron.

Both the box and motherboard have been signed by Steve Wozniak, who built the machine alongside Jobs. You can bid for the machine, which cost $666.66 when it first went on sale, on November 16, at Auction Team Breker in Cologne.

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