Twitter Grabs A Chief Googler As Its Retail Boss

Twitter hires a key executive right from under Google’s nose.

Twitter Grabs A Chief Googler As Its Retail Boss
[Image: Flickr user Garrett Heath]

When it comes to digital advertising, retailers are the biggest spenders–they’ll be responsible for 22.3% of all online advertising this year, according to eMarketer. And in order to be successful as a public company, Twitter needs to grab as many of those ad dollars as possible.

Today the company made a savvy move in that direction by hiring a new head of retail operations, J.J. Hirschle.

Hirschle is something of a steal, he was Google’s director of Media and Entertainment–a position his LinkedIn profile still lists as current, while his Twitter profile now says “Retail minded @Twitter, Xoogler.” Hirschle is also mentioned as being head of the now-closed Google Affiliate Network, which was originally designed to help affiliate ad and publisher partners “improve their performance across the affiliate ecosystem before being retired.” He has also worked at CNBC and IBM.

It’s a useful skill set for Twitter, and hiring Hirschle should please interested investors. As Twitter approaches IPO its filings revealed that revenue is increasing but the company’s loss is widening. For now the financial world is fairly tolerant of this position as long as the company can grow its influence and income–a plan that includes a big emphasis on tying into the TV industry.

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