NewsCred Turns Brands And Marketers Into Publishers With NewsRoom

NewsCred, a startup that’s trying to disrupt online media syndication, is paying top dollar for its own stable of content creators.

NewsCred Turns Brands And Marketers Into Publishers With NewsRoom
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Although big media brands like The New York Times and The Economist aren’t going away anytime soon, the online publishing industry increasingly includes brands, marketers, and independent journalists. With the launch of a new content network, the tech startup NewsCred wants to be the liaison between content-hungry brands and the creatives who make it.

NewsCred’s core business is in software subscriptions, which it sells to brands and marketers looking to syndicate published stories from thousands of media partners, including brands like the Times and Reuters. (Disclosure: Fast Company is a NewsCred partner.) Starting today, NewsCred will begin offering brands access to original content through an initiative called the NewsRoom, which refers to NewsCred’s carefully cultivated stable of about 500 freelance writers, photographers, videographers, and designers who will be creating custom content for brands like Dell, Qualcomm, Pepsi, and Visa.

“We realized original content is usually the entry point for a lot of marketers who are just starting out in content marketing,” NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam tells Fast Company. “In order to capture that market, we felt we needed to have this offering.”

And to ensure it can continue to corral the best creative talent, the NewsRoom isn’t skimping on paying its creators: A NewsRoom writer can expect to pull in $500 and up for a basic blog post, while full articles will be “in the thousands,” Islam says.

What’s more, NewsRoom journalists keep 100% of profits. Islam sees the initiative as a loss leader for the company–he says he “fully expects” the NewsRoom network to result in more sales on the software side of NewsCred’s business, which sells subscriptions that start roughly $5,000 a month to about 200 current customers.

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