See Posters For “Soda Ban,” “Weinergate” And Other Totally Unnecessary Ripped-From-The-Headlines Movies

With the advent of digital cameras, society seemingly started getting vainer. Once we could conveniently see ourselves at any moment, such moments soon became a whole lot more photographable. Judging by a recent influx of movies based on current events, however, it seems this fascination for instant reflection has spread to the cineplex as well.

While making movies based on very recent history isn’t new–see All the President’s Men, for instance–it seems to be a lot more popular these days. Captain Phillips and The Fifth Estate are only the most recent examples of a trend that includes Zero Dark Thirty, The Social Network, and Game Change, leaving aside Oliver Stone’s movies about 9/11 and the Bush presidency (as one probably should.) Now, a new series of posters parodies ripped-from-the-headlines films by presenting ones that will never be.

Created by the team at Next Movie, who were behind the recent Seinfeld movie posters, this series takes topical films to task. It’s a peek into a world where much-discussed stories such as Weinergate, Dennis Rodman’s bromance with Kim Jong-Un, and New York Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on plus-size movie sodas all get the films they don’t quite deserve.

Have a look in the slides above for some movie posters that will actually make you thankful for Hollywood producers’ apparent restraint.JB