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When It Comes To Facebook Ads, iOS Wins Over Android In ROI

A Facebook advertising benchmark report finds retailers are seeing greater returns on iOS than Android.

[Image: Flickr user Owen W Brown]

Today, Nanigans, one of the largest buyers of Facebook ads, released a Facebook advertising benchmark report that found retailers are seeing greater returns on iOS than Android. On average, Facebook ads served on iOS devices see 6.1 times higher revenue per click and 17.9 times higher return on investment compared with ads on Android devices.

In contrast, Android sees much greater click-through rates, but Nanigans said the metric isn't a proxy for ROI. While Android averages a 2.75% click-through rate, it also averaged the lowest return. Meanwhile, iPhones average a 1.25% click-through rate but generate much higher returns.

In general, mobile ads are cheaper than those served on desktops for a number of reasons, including slower optimization and fewer people shopping on mobile devices. A report released earlier this month from Visa found stark regional differences when it comes to mobile shopping, with 37% of smartphone owners on the West Coast reporting making purchases on their phones compared with 21% in the Midwest and 25% in the South.