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Walmart's Grocery Delivery Program Is Expanding

The Walmart To Go service is launching in Denver and will offer thousands of locals more reason to shop online.

Walmart's Grocery Delivery Program Is Expanding

[Image: Flickr user Walmart Corporate]

In the past year, Walmart has taken multiple steps to secure its spot as the largest big-box retailer. Now it seems it is looking to dominate e-commerce, as well. Last year, the chain started offering customers in the Bay Area Walmart To Go, a grocery home delivery service. Now it is expanding the project by running a beta test in Denver. However, the catch is that not everyone is eligible to participate: Customers must be invited.

The chain already offers home delivery of artisanal goods and same-day delivery for in-store products, which is in line with WalmartLabs' expansion when it acquired OneOps and Tasty Labs earlier this year.

The announcement is not surprising considering the recent successes of AmazonFresh and FreshDirect. Walmart groceries delivered to your door is just more motive to shop online and stay inside.