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A Browser Extension For Hipster Haters

I said "a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip-hop and you don't stop"—not hipster. Tsk.

A Browser Extension For Hipster Haters

[Image: Flickr user Daquella manera]

Bummed out by hipsters? Then there's a Chrome extension for you. It was created by Peter Yeh, and if you download it, every single mention of the word "hipster" is replaced by this: "My internalized misconception of the youth."

Look it up on Wikipedia.

Yeh has plans to make versions for Safari, Firefox, and Kudos if the joke travels farther than the five boroughs. And one person who could be a bit miffed by the move could be Doug Ludlow. He's the CEO of virtual postcard site Hipster.