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Twitter's Investor Relations Account Was Apparently Created By A Monty Python Fan

Twitter's investor relations account was briefly filed under the name "Herring Shrubbery."

Twitter released an amendment to its S-1 filing on Tuesday that revealed, among other things, a Monty Python reference.

In the updated document, the company notes that it intends to make business announcements using the Twitter accounts @Twitter, its corporate account, @dickc, the account of CEO Dick Costolo, and @TwitterIR, presumably Twitter investor relations. But @TwitterIR, at the time of this writing, is using the display name "Herring Shrubbery"—it has since been changed . . . if it is even run by Twitter.

Monty Python fans will recognize the reference to a scene in which the Knights Who Say Ni pose a challenge to find a "shrubbery" and cut down a tree using a herring.

For a company with a bird mascot, perhaps there is something symbolic about a herring that cuts down trees. Or, more likely, someone with a sense of humor was using the account, or forgot to change the name on the account before the amendment was filed. Either way, we're amused.

Image courtesy of Flickr user rwillia532

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