• 10.16.13

The Most Absorbing Celebrity Portraits You’ve Ever Seen

Bounty backs the “paper towel Picasso.”

When is a paper towel worth $10,000? When it bears the likeness of George Clooney.


Artist Ken Delmar was cleaning his paint brushes one day, when he noticed how the two-ply fabric of the paper towels seemed to grab the paint right off the bristles. He decided to try a canvas switch-up and, after testing a number of towel brands, settled on Bounty. The company found out about Delmar’s works and decided to sponsor a show of his paintings at the George Billis Gallery in Chelsea. The collection included portraits of famous actors, from Clooney to Angelina Jolie, colorful mask-like faces, and all nine supreme court justices. See the portraits in the gallery above.

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