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Set Your iPad Calendar: Apple Has "A Lot To Cover" On October 22nd

Apple's next big product announcement is now officially set for next week.

Set Your iPad Calendar: Apple Has "A Lot To Cover" On October 22nd

Apple's September media event was all about the iPhone, and very little else. Since we knew the company had many other goodies to reveal, we all wondered when Apple would host its next event, and now we know: Apple's sent out official invitations to an event on the 22nd of October.

As with most Apple invites, the thing itself is very simple: It's a play on the leafy top of the Apple logo, with a line of text that says, "We've got a lot more to cover."

This "lot" most likely includes the new iPad, the new iPad Mini, the new, shockingly unusual Mac Pro, and Apple's new Mac operating system OS X Mavericks.

We think Apple plans to show us a new iPad with a smaller, neater form factor that's similar to the existing iPad Mini. It will likely have a fingerprint sensor, a variant of Apple's new 64-bit A7 chip, and improved cameras, battery life, and so on. It may come in a variety of colors, though we're not sure about gold. A new iPad Mini with more power and a slightly fatter profile to fit enough battery to go with its new retina screen is also likely.

The Mac Pro, with its surprising shape, is going to be part of the event too, and we'll learn when we can get our hands on this new-generation desktop machine.

And then ... one more thing. Will Apple reveal a new iWatch? Unlikely, though not totally impossible. Will we hear about an Apple Television? Probably not, though we may get a new Apple TV. New Mac Minis? A giant 13-inch iPad? It's a mystery.