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Work Smart

Watch Us Save Your Messy Desk On HuffPost Live

Fast Company's unlicensed "desk doctor," Drake Baer, appeared on HuffPost Live recently to help cure clutter. Are these desks going to make it, doctor? Let's check the video.

  • <p>Pictured: A desk from our friends at the HuffPost Live offices.</p>
  • 01 /09 | How Messy Is Messy?

    Pictured: A desk from our friends at the HuffPost Live offices.

  • 02 /09
  • 03 /09
  • 04 /09
  • 05 /09
  • 06 /09
  • 07 /09
  • 08 /09
  • 09 /09

Change your desk; change the way you work.

First we talked about awesome desks. Then, quickly, we realized that many of you have very messy ones. (Check out the slideshow at the top of this post to see what we mean!)

So we decided to help as much as we could.

After putting out the call for your messy desks that need saving, Fast Company's Drake Baer appeared on HuffPostLive to do just that: analyze your mess and share productivity tips for keeping your workspace in check. This was the result:

Slideshow Credits: 02 / Image instagram user Kacha Azema; 03 / Image Twitter user Andy Hays; 04 / Image: Twitter user Robert Otos; 05 / Image: Twitter user Libby Bolling; 06 / Image: Twitter user Marc Climaco; 07 / Image: Twitter user Jamie Esposito; 08 / Image: Twitter user Tris Revill; 09 / Image: Twitter user Allie Komessar;