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This James Franco “For Your Consideration” Campaign Wins The Photoshop-Oscars

A24 Films probably knows Spring Breakers is not typical Academy Award fare, but that isn’t stopping its campaign for a Franco nomination.

This James Franco “For Your Consideration” Campaign Wins The Photoshop-Oscars

They say that if you always aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll still be among the stars. It’s a piece of advice that A24 Films, the distributor behind this year’s Spring Breakers, is taking to heart. A24 has been on a tear recently, campaigning for the last month on behalf of James Franco to earn an Oscar nomination for his role in the film–a drug-slanging rapper named Alien. Although the effort will almost certainly not succeed, the attention it draws to the film can’t possibly hurt it.

In fact, the wildly informal affect of the campaign will likely prove endearing to anyone who’s ever chafed against the stuffiness of the typical award season fare. “Consider this sh*t,” reads the poster, amid critical salutations for Franco’s performance. The crowning achievement of this award-push, however, is the Photoshop job. The image used here comes from a promotional still in which Franco blithely points a gun at the heads of two bikini’d beauties. The only difference in the “For Your Consideration” ad is that Academy Award trophies have replaced the guns. If there were an Oscar for bootstrapped campaigns, this would win in a landslide.

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