Ghost Is A Blogging Platform So Simple It’s Nearly Invisible

With their clean, pronounced emphasis on text, the blogs on Ghost are in stark contrast to much of what you’ll find today on the photo-hungry, Pinterest-driven web. Ghost, a Kickstarter-backed, open-sourced blogging platform and nonprofit, has released an initial public version for all to download. Including the beta version of Ghost, which has been open to its 6,000 Kickstarter backers since late September, the platform has been downloaded 22,000 times.

Ghost founder John O’Nolan bills the platform as an alternative to the blogging giant WordPress, whose bells and whistles are often useful for developers looking to add custom features, but can be challenging for blogging newbies to navigate. O’Nolan writes:

“Like a ghost writer, Ghost is your ghost publisher. It does the hard work anonymously, getting your content online so you can focus on the most important things.”

It’s reminiscent of the relatively new blogging platform Medium, cofounded by the creators of Twitter, in both aesthetic and purpose–cofounder Ev Williams says of Medium, “The words are central…there are no gratuitous sidebars, plug-ins, or widgets.”CC