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Xiaomi's New Smartphone Sells 100,000 Units In Under 90 Seconds

China's fast up-and-coming smartphone maker Xiaomi just sold its new Mi-3 phones at a blistering pace.

Xiaomi's New Smartphone Sells 100,000 Units In Under 90 Seconds

[Image: Xiaomi]

Keep your eye on China's Xiaomi smartphone. Why? At launch today, the first batch of 100,000 Mi-3s sold in just 86 seconds.Though obviously it didn't work out like this, that kind of pace is equivalent to selling nearly 4.2 million phones in one hour.

As reported on, the Android phones sell for between $327 and $410 in equivalent U.S. pricing for the 16GB to 64GB editions—dramatically cheaper than many high-end rivals, including Apple's iPhones. Interestingly the Mi-3 has a powerful CPU, IPS display, dual flash, metal body with pierced-hole speaker grating, and a supporting cloud network called MiCloud. A lot of this may sound oddly familiar.

Simultaneously the company also said it sold 3,000 47-inch smart TVs in just under two minutes, each for about $490. That means for these two brief bursts of selling the company realized about $41 million in revenues. It is possible, however, that the rapid sales of the devices were thanks to scalpers who then try to profit by selling the popular units on to customers.

Xiaomi has been in the headlines a lot recently, thanks to its international ambitions and the fact it successfully lured prominent Google exec and Android VP Hugo Barra to head up its global push. The company's smart TVs are also seen as a serious play to rival Samsung's successful smart TV business.