Powerful, But Hungry

Despite being a regional power, Kenya has a history of rural food shortages.


Rural parts of Kenya sometimes do not grow enough food to feed the populace.

Arid Lands

The comic strip confronts both Kenyan and international aid activity in rural Kenya.

Criticizing The Authorities

Ndula's comic marries investigative journalism with the aesthetics of comic strips.

Artistic Interviews

Interviews with real-life locals, bureaucrats, and aid workers were turned into a comic strip.

Confronting Kenyan Food Insecurity With Comics Journalism

An African organization is turning to interactive comics to inform the world about crises in their own backyard.

One of the Internet's largest political cartoon sites is getting into the business of publishing longer-form political journalism... in comic-strip form. Cartoon Movement, which bills itself as a "community of international editorial cartoonists," recently published a long piece on food insecurity in Kenya by political cartoonist Victor Ndula.

The comic, called 50 Years On, Still Hungry, was published with the assistance of the African Media Initiative (excerpts are shown above). One of the piece's strengths is its integration of multimedia into the comic strip. While the comic strip format is used to tell a longer enterprise journalism piece, readers can click on characters in the comic to see pictures and hear audio of them in real life—something the slideshow above unfortunately lacks. The full experience is well worth checking out.

[Image: Victor Ndula / Cartoon Movement]

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