Terrafugia Reveals Its Idea For Your Next Flying Car

Because you were considering buying your first one in a couple of years, weren’t you?

Terrafugia Reveals Its Idea For Your Next Flying Car

Terrafugia is a name you may not know, but you almost certainly will in a year or so. It’s the company behind the first commercial flying car, a folding-wing vehicle that may go on sale as soon as 2015 if recent reports are anything to go by.

But not content with all that, the company has revealed what it thinks of as the next-gen flying car. It’s a concept that looks part-Star Trek shuttle, part Star Wars X-wing, part Reliant Robin (and if you’re not familiar with this wonderfully odd little three-wheeled car, check out this link, and this crazy one).

Terrafugia’s existing vehicle, the Transition, is much more conventional than the new one, as you can see from the video below, and took years to make it into reality. Given the ambition of the new design, it would seem decades away from being something you could buy.

But here’s a different question: In an age of congested flight lanes, and pressure on conventional cars to switch to electric powertrains and automated driving, does a flying car have a place in the market, even though it’s realizing decades of sci-fi dreaming?

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