This Is What LG’s Curved Smartphone Looks Like

Is it a banana? Is it a boomerang? Is it a… curling iron? No, it’s LG’s attempt at a curved smartphone.

This Is What LG’s Curved Smartphone Looks Like
[Image via The Next Web]

Images of LG’s G Flex smartphone, apparently prepared for press materials, have leaked. The G Flex is LG’s own effort at breaking the “flat, black slab” paradigm of current generation smartphones by incorporating a curved screen.

The renders, originally shown at The Next Web, confirm that unlike Samsung’s odd Round phone, the G Flex curves in the “right” way, so when held to your face it bends from your ear around your cheek toward your mouth. Engadget reports it has a 6-inch screen, which more or less makes it a phablet rather than a smartphone, and though we don’t know its price, we do know it’ll hit the shelves next month.

Curved smartphones may or may not turn out to be a gimmick. But LG is using this phone to showcase more than a simple bent phone design–it’s made this phone possible by innovating flexible, indestructible plastic OLED screen technology and unusual rechargeable battery tech. This sort of tech has the capability to transform many different pieces of mobile technology.

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