• 10.11.13

Apps Crash More On The iPhone 5S

Twice as much as the iPhone 5 and the 5C, in fact. But they still only crash about 2% of the time.

Apps Crash More On The iPhone 5S
[Image: Flickr user Moridin_]

You know that newfangled 64-bit A7 chip inside the iPhone 5S? It’s causing apps to crash twice as often than the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5.


According to data released by Crittercism, a San Francisco-based company that helps mobile app developers track their performance, and shared by AllThingsD, apps crash about 2% of the time on the iPhone 5S compared to just under 1% on the 5C and the 5.

Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy said in an interview that it’s not uncommon to see higher crash ratios when new devices or operating systems come out.

iOS 7 is the biggest overhaul of Apple’s operating system since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007, which means that there are literally thousands of changes under the hood. And while app developers have been able to test their apps with the new OS since June, they haven’t had a chance to test them with the new 64-bit hardware.

Apple, of course, has been moving swiftly to iron out the many bugs in iOS 7: it has already fixed a lockscreen passcode bug and will soon release another update to address a bug with iMessage.

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