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It Just Got Harder To Sell Fake Louis Vuitton Goods Online

China's Alibaba, facing international criticism, is making it harder for counterfeiters to sell fake goods.

It Just Got Harder To Sell Fake Louis Vuitton Goods Online

[Image: Flickr user Aidan]

China has faced some serious condemnation for the amount of counterfeit goods its vendors and manufacturers openly produce and sell. But the giant e-commerce firm Alibaba, TheNextWeb reports, has just revealed it's partnering with designer firm Louis Vuitton to try to stop the sale of fake LV goods via its Taobao market.

Alibaba is said to be proactively removing listings from vendors who are trying to sell counterfeit goods and will put in place some systems to prevent fake items being listed in the future. LV itself has faced controversy over its anti-counterfeiting position even while it over-aggressively quashes art projects that even slightly appear like its own branding.

Chinese fakery has caused Apple to act in the past and the Chinese government went on a sweeping raid of "fake" Apple stores in cities like Kunming—where the store was so convincing that staff didn't know they weren't officially working for Apple.