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Skype Under Investigation In Luxembourg For Handing Over User Data To The NSA

The firm, based in Luxembourg for tax reasons, has been implicated by Edward Snowden's data dump of the NSA and other government surveillance agencies' secrets.

[Image: Flickr user jurvetson]

Luxembourg's data commissioner is reportedly investigating Skype for allegedly handing over user data to the NSA's now-not-so-secret surveillance program, PRISM. Gerard Lommel, the civil servant in charge, refused to comment on the report, citing an ongoing investigation, which has been in place since June of this year.

Skype, which is based in Luxembourg for tax reasons, may have had its actions already sanctioned by the country's politicians. The European principality's constitution enshrines the right to privacy, and says that surveillance of communications can only occur either with judicial approval or authorization of a tribunal selected by the prime minister.

The surveillance agency's tech spooks had worked out how to wiretap video calls on the VoIP entity since July 2012. At the same time, its parent company, Microsoft, was accused of building an NSA-sized catflap onto its mail service in order to allow access to its users' mails and communications.

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