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Where Are They Now?

Could An Apple iWatch Also Control Your Home?

An Apple analyst suggests the iWatch may be much more than an iPhone companion.

Could An Apple iWatch Also Control Your Home?

[Image: Flickr user Courtney Carmody]

What exactly would we be getting from a long-rumored Apple iWatch? After speaking to a contact with iWatch "insight," Brian White, an analyst with Cantor Fitzgerald, says he believes any iWatch will be much more than a smartphone companion. Instead, Apple's iWatch would be the controller and perhaps a hub of a broader home automation setup, where you'd control your lighting, audio, video, and so on.

Of course, White's speculation is very timely: The Nest thermostat, and its reinvention of the smoke detector, from ex-Appler Tony Fadell, is getting a lot of attention, and smartwatches may be one big new market if Samsung, Pebble, Google, Fitbit, and others manage to turn out products that sell by the million. The notion that an Apple iWatch would be much more than a remote window for iPhone or iPad notifications is convincing. A thriving app economy for an iWatch, if it tied in gaming, health apps, and home control, could be an important additional revenue stream for the company.

But White's thinking, while fascinating, has to be put in context. He's an analyst, and this group seems strangely bad at predicting Apple's moves. White also suggested earlier this year that an Apple TV controlled by a smart "iRing"-like controller was on the way—something that has yet to be seen. points out White did predict the colorful iPhone 5C, but we're not as convinced about his iWatch rumors. Of course if it's true that Apple has built a large team to work on this device, it's got to be working on something...