• 10.14.13

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About the Selfie

Important new research about that duck-faced symbol of the smartphone age.

The term “selfie” first appeared on Flickr in 2004, but it took nearly a decade to become part of the popular lexicon, according to a new infographic, The Selfie Phenomenon.


It seems strange that selfies are now classified as phenomenal, considering that we’ve been snapping photos of ourselves since before the days of Polaroids. But now that this trend of self-indulgence is so easily quantifiable, we might as well quantify. Based on research from eBay Deals, this RLI (ridiculously long infographic) shows us key dates, big picture data (number of Instagram photos with the hashtag #selfie) and most prolific selfie practitioners (selfers?). For example, MileyCyrus has 120 selfies on Twitter, while Paris Hilton lags with only 5. On Instagram, the biggest celebrity selfers are Kylie Jenner (with a concerning 451 selfies posted) and Snoop Dogg. Oprah has no selfies.

If you really want to become an expert in #selfies, #selfiees, or even #selfieees, then check out this selfish chart.

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