BlackBerry Founders May Try To Buy The Company

The original founders of RIM have filed documents that hint at a buyout of their own company.

BlackBerry Founders May Try To Buy The Company
[Image: Flickr user Phil Sangwell]

There’s simply never a dull moment with BlackBerry, eh? First we hear the company is accepting a buyout offer, then there are rumors it’s being circled by big names like Intel and Google, then there are suggestions it’ll be broken up . . .

And now, well this one is shocking. According to, two of the founders of Research In Motion, what BlackBerry was originally called, have filed documents with the SEC that suggest they may be considering buying all of the company shares they don’t currently own.

Mike Lazaridis, and ex co-CEO Douglas Fregin are the two controversial men in question. Both have faced accusations that their management style helped sink the company. Their SEC document points to the recent BlackBerry notice that a special committee is investigating a sale of the company. Lazaridis and Fregin are mentioned along with “other interested investors,” which injects a bit of mystery into the affair.

How do you like them . . . blackberries?

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