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Twitter Launches An Android Tablet App (Finally)

The release comes as the number of Android tablets surpassed the iPad.

In its quest to become more mainstream, Twitter has finally launched an Android tablet app. It's surprising it took this long, but better late than never, especially since the number of Android tablets surpassed the iPad for the first time in the second quarter this year.

The app will first be available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 on Thursday, and it will roll out to other Android tablets by the end of the year. To take full advantage of the device, the app has a multiscreen view so another app can run alongside it simultaneously. A widget for the home screen also carries some basic Twitter functionality and, in addition, will display country-specific breaking news. A feature not found on Twitter's other apps, the one for the Note will let users draw directly on photos from the image gallery, a feature that works with the Note's S-Pen.

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