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Foxconn Accused Of Exploiting Student Labor To Make PS4s

Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn is again in the headlines for allegedly mistreating its workers.

Foxconn Accused Of Exploiting Student Labor To Make PS4s

[Image: Flickr user X-Money]

Foxconn is being accused of using "forced" student labor during its frantic push to manufacture enough Sony PlayStation 4's to feed global demand before the product launches this holiday season.

The students are studying at the Xi'an Institute of Technology and are reportedly being pressured to work menial jobs for no pay on the Foxconn PS4 production line, or face losing so many course credits that they could fail their studies completely. The work is as low level as stuffing cables into the PS4 boxes, and this must sting for some of the computer-science students.

Foxconn has reportedly defended its practices as being completely legal and simply part of "making students learn about society and experience life." The company has frequently made headlines for alleged worker abuses and illegal practices, such as employing underage workers. The accusations caused Apple to perform its own independent audit of its Foxconn partnerships to ensure no such abuses were carried out.