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T-Mobile USA Beats Europe In Killing Data-Roaming Fees

T-Mobile is making an enormous play to capture consumers' hearts (and dollars) with zero fees for international data.

T-Mobile USA Beats Europe In Killing Data-Roaming Fees

[Image: Flickr user Clive Darra]

The European Union is aggressively pushing to change the cell phone industry by forcing it to abandon roaming fees for voice and data—a penny-pinching trick that can be problematic in a European Union of so many countries.

But T-Mobile USA has picked up on the fact that consumers use more and more data whenever they travel, so it's launched the Simple Choice plan, which allows customers to get unlimited 2G data and SMS support in a list of more than 100 nations. You'll still pay 20 cents a minute for voice calls, but the plan itself actually won't cost you any fees.

The move is a brilliant PR maneuver on behalf of the network, which clearly hopes to attract consumers from rival networks that have often been accused of fleecing customers' pockets with expensive roaming fees. The question is: Can T-Mobile start a trend that will change this industry's famously consumer-hostile habits?