F*ck You Congress! This Website Lets You Vent Your Government Shutdown Frustrations

In its promo for the website, the team from digital agency Cultivated Wit asks, “Do you feel angry? Are you exhibiting symptoms of rage, disgust, or utter detestation of any and all news you read, watch, or hear? Then you might be suffering from a crippling condition known as: Being An American Citizen.” The “medicine” for this condition is a new website–a technological, fact-based curse-word wonderland. is, for the frustrated constituent, a daily dose of therapy.

Click on the “there’s fucking more” button, and the site auto-generates a fact that gives you one more reason to shout the site’s name aloud, covering everything from mistreatment of Native Americans, to a salmonella outbreak that’s been worsened by the shutdown, to politicians falling for headlines from

Do you feel unburdened by the site? Then you should also feel empowered: It encourages you to “tweet your representative” to tell them via Twitter how, ahem, eff’d off you are. And there’s a reminder that you can really exercise your power by voting.

Shutdowns are, interestingly enough, not a strange phenomenon to Cultivated Wit cofounder (and 2011 Most Creative Person) Baratunde Thurston–he shut down his personal Internet life for 25 days as part of Fast Company‘s #Unplugged experiment. Ultimately, it made him feel like leaving the “hunt for constant digital connection so that we can find and maintain other, deeper connections.” Perhaps his new, very online digital tool will make a connection with U.S. politicians.KE