One Of The Most Requested Google Maps Features Is Now Live: Directions For Multiple Destinations

You can also find flight and hotel reservations, and upcoming local events right within Maps.

Let’s say you want to tour New York City: visit Central Park, catch The Lion King in Times Square, grab a drink in Greenwich Village, and maybe take a leisurely stroll along the High Line. You can now plug all those destinations into Google Maps at once and have Maps work out your route for you, thanks to a new update rolling out to U.S. users.


Once you’ve chosen a starting point, adding new stops along your route is as simple as clicking “+” and typing in the name of where you want to go. If you change your itinerary, you can also change the order of your stops by just dragging and dropping them–it’s pretty nifty.

The new update also allows you to find your flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations right within Maps–just search for your airport or restaurant, and Google will instantly show your upcoming plans right within maps. It also displays upcoming events at local performance venues, if you simply type in their names. Again, nifty.

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