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Twitter's @Eventparrot Will Message You News Headlines

Twitter seems to be experimenting with directly sharing tweets about news events with users.

Twitter's @Eventparrot Will Message You News Headlines

[Image: Flickr user Karl Frankowski]

These days, when news breaks, it often breaks on Twitter first. The Hudson River air crash is the prime example of this. But with so many users sharing so many details, opinions, links, photos, and trivia, it can be hard to spot what's news and what's not. This may explain the new @eventparrot account, which directly messages breaking news items into the Private Messages inbox of its followers.

As TheNextWeb points out, the account's Twitter bio is very similar in style to that of @MagicRecs, another official tweeting service that shares follow recommendations via direct message. While we know MagicRecs is an official Twitter experiment, we can't be certain EventParrot is, but some key Twitter staff are among its earliest followers—indicating it may have been tested in-house first.

Twitter is moving toward its IPO and is trying out a number of different initiatives to improve and deepen its services. A simpler way to learn about news via Twitter would be a great way to leverage the social network's status as a breaking-news tool, and that could make a compelling story to tell investors.