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No More Awkward Small Talk: The Refresh App Briefs You On Whoever You're Meeting

Refresh, a mobile app which datamines instant resumes of anyone at a meeting, just received a $10 million funding round.

Imagine going into a meeting or a conference and being able to instantly data-mine dossiers of every attendee, on the fly. Maybe extrapolating info from Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, and even property information from Zillow. It might be a little (or very) creepy, but it's quick work that cuts down on the cost of mining information for investors, publicists, and others. Refresh bills itself in promotional materials as a real-time smartphone version of background briefing books, and just received $10 million in funding for its product.

Redpoint Ventures, Charles River Ventures, and Foundation Capital all joined in the latest funding round. Founder Bhavin Shah said in a release, "It’s common now for each of us to have 10+ years of posts, tweets, job history, Q&A, check-ins, etc. Now is the right time to start leveraging that fragmented information to make us more thoughtful and intelligent about our friends, colleagues, and everyone we meet... Over the past 18 months, Refresh has solved many difficult data aggregation, identity disambiguation, natural language processing, and machine learning problems. This allows us to anticipate who you’re going to meet today and consolidate interesting information about them into a just-in-time dossier delivered to your smartphone."

The currently iPhone-only app is billed as a way to perform due diligence, fill awkward breaks in conversations, and conduct corporate intelligence.