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Flickr's Newest Feature: IOS Auto Uploads

iPhone and iPad users can now upload pictures to Flickr the second that they're snapped. Will this help take on Instagram, iCloud, and Dropbox?

Flickr's Newest Feature: IOS Auto Uploads

[Image: Flickr user Poolie]

When Flickr revamped its service last year year, after a long stretch of being lost in the Yahoo desert, mobile users got a host of new functionality options and a massive redesign. Yahoo's engineers unveiled the latest addition to the Flickr stable today: auto-uploading of pictures to Flickr. A new option in the Flickr app allows users to send pictures to their account automatically, where they will be marked as "Private" until users decide to let the whole web view them. As Flickr offers up to one terabyte of storage, this means unlimited free cloud storage for all but the most prolific photographers.

Flickr's major challenge is keeping users, and cultivating new ones. Due to corporate mismanagement and internal disagreements, the photo service missed the boat on Hipstamatic/Instagram-style mobile sharing and failed to cater to its core constituency of amateur and professional photographers. Despite Flickr's wonderful job on its redesigned mobile apps, it is still dealing with an existential crisis: In a primarily mobile world, Flickr is a desktop-first platform for a primarily mobile medium.

As of press time, Android users cannot auto-upload their pictures to Flickr through Flickr's official app. Several third-party applications such as Flickr Uploader, however, offer this service.