These Chubby Fast Food Logos Will Make You Think Twice About Chowing Down

Restaurants and fast food joints in a growing number of cities are now required to display calorie counts on their menus. But that’s honestly kind of a downer when you’re craving a juicy burger, and it doesn’t really appeal to people’s gut emotions, if you will. (There’s also debate about whether this works).

A designer in Saudi Arabia has just come up with possibly a better approach. Posting on Behance, a site for creative types to showcase their work, he wrote that he’d just lost weight and was looking for ways to deter himself from gaining it back.

So he made Colonel Sanders a few pounds pudgier:

And the McDonald’s Arch is no longer so slick:

You can see the rest of his creations in the slide show above. Obviously no city is going to force Burger King to change its logo so people won’t go there. But in the same way that they say that the cure to stage fright is imagining your audience naked, what if everyone could call up these images before they even walked in the door to tempt themselves with high-calorie food?JL