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Starbucks Trademarks "Duffin" For Its New Pastry, Gets A Battering

The mark of a successful pastry should be whether it becomes the name of a version of Android OS.

Starbucks Trademarks "Duffin" For Its New Pastry, Gets A Battering

[Image: Flickr user sleepyneko]

Move over Cronut, here comes the Duffin. That's what Starbucks U.K. thought after it trademarked the name to bring out a doughnut-muffin mashup.

The coffee shop chain, however, was late to the party, as London-based baker Bea's of Bloomsbury had been making muffins with jam in the middle for some time now. And when it discovered that the U.S. firm's plans, it reacted with a Twitter campaign: #duffingate

Guess what? Plucky Underdog 1, Large Corp-o-Coffee 0.

Starbucks has already said it will exempt Bea's from the trademark—which perfectly illustrates the thrust of Malcolm Gladwell's argument in his latest book, David And Goliath.

Some helpful tweeps are already suggesting Starbucks rename its version the MuffNut, while others are pointing to a brownie-doughnut hybrid, the BroNut.