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Google Play Music All Access: Vamos A Mexico

Andale! Andale! Mountain View's music streaming service is now available south of the border.

Google Play Music All Access: Vamos A Mexico

[Image: Flickr user Shandor Barcs]

Google Play Music All Access has gone south. The music streaming service, which the firm describes as "radio without rules," is now available in Mexico, for a monthly fee of 79 Mexican pesos—that's around $6—but that only lasts about six weeks. Anyone signing up after November 18 will pay a few pesos more (99 MXP, or $7.50) per month for a choice of around 20,000 tracks, which come from its content deals with Universal, Sony Music, and Warner.

Mexico joins North America and a dozen or so European countries who now have access to around 20,000 tracks. Earlier this week, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, who is virulently anti-streaming, gave an interview to a Mexican website in which he called the concept "the last fart of a dying corpse."