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No Presidential Veto For Samsung Phone Import Ban

Samsung is definitely facing a ban on imports of some of its mobile devices into the U.S.

No Presidential Veto For Samsung Phone Import Ban
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The ongoing legal battles between Apple and its accused copier Samsung are many and complex, but one or two things have become concrete over time. The latest development in this saga is bad news for Samsung, which will soon have to endure a ban on the import of some of its mobile devices into the U.S.

Back in August, the ITC ruled in Apple’s favor in a suit that can be traced back to a 2011 filing, made by Apple against Samsung. The ITC essentially ruled that some Samsung devices were indeed in violation of Apple’s IP and agreed with Apple that their imports should be banned. Samsung, obviously, fought the ruling–and its last hope was a veto by President Obama. Bloomberg says this veto hasn’t happened, and that means that Samsung has few options left to delay the ban. It’s not clear how many devices would be stopped at the border as a result of the import ban, because the cases are now so old that the smartphones they cover may not necessarily be on sale. But if the ban is imposed, it’s definitely a legal win for Apple.

Separately, in a suit in which Samsung sought to force a ban on the importation of Apple iDevices (saying they violated Samsung IP) failed when the president did issue a veto. The suit in this case involved “standards essential” patents, which the authorities thought Samsung was abusing.

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