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PayPal Now Lets You Shop in Stores With A QR Code

Download the app, check into stores, and pay with a scan.

PayPal Now Lets You Shop in Stores With A QR Code

[Image courtesy of PayPal]

Did we need more ways to pay for stuff in stores? I actually would prefer more money to shop with, but in any case, PayPal has us covered with a new fillip on its mobile app. "Check in" to a store when you arrive, and when you check out, you have a choice of whether to pay with a QR code scanned at the point of sale, or with a four-digit code generated on the spot.

What's the big deal? Well, according to, a mobile payment blog, the new functionality is easy and familiar for users. It also offers big retailers several reasons to accept PayPal at the point of sale: 1) They can drive offers directly to users when they "check in" to a store, 2) they can drive payments through their private label cards, and 3) they can offer mobile payments without building their own network or working with Square's (sometimes buggy) hardware a la Starbucks.