New Google Glass Update Puts Transit Directions In Your Line Of Sight

Simply say: “OK Glass, get directions to…” to instantly find your route.

New Google Glass Update Puts Transit Directions In Your Line Of Sight
[Images: Flickr user activefree; Google]

If you haven’t played with this cool new hack that lets you beam the in-game GPS in Grand Theft Auto 3 straight to your Google Glass, don’t fret. Google has released an update that will let you do something similar with real-life public transport. The new XE10 update to Glass will let you put transit information about buses, street cars, and subways directly in your line of sight: no more fumbling with your phone in a new city.

Glass owners can simply say: “Okay, Glass, get directions to…” to get instant transit information, the distance to the nearest train station, and information about where to change buses. Google Glass will also remember the last form of transportation you used and use it for future navigation. If you’d rather take the cab instead of the subway, you can change the form of transportation by tapping the directions card and swiping over to “Transit.”

Transit directions are dependent on Google’s collaboration with transportation departments in each city, which means that they’re only available in certain cities for now.

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