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Ford Unveils A Car That Parks Itself

Ford's Fully Assisted Parking Aid detects open parking spots, then auto-parks your car.

Ford unveiled its newest technology—self-parking cars—at a press event in Belgium today. The new Fully Assisted Parking Aid, which is not scheduled to be added to any cars as of yet, detects open parking spots while a car is driving at up to 18 mph. When open perpendicular, parallel, and diagonal spots are detected, the car uses sensors and parking-aid software to maneuver itself into the space. Drivers keep their hands on a button during the whole process which allows them to switch to manual takeover at any moment. Right now, for a host of reasons, Ford's product is only a demonstration and is not yet going to market.

As futuristic as it sounds, Ford isn't the only company experimenting with self-parking cars. Co.Exist recently featured Audi's experimental self-parking cars.

At the same Belgian press event, Ford also showed off its new Obstacle Avoidance technology, which "issues warnings if it detects slow-moving objects, stationary obstacles or pedestrians in the same lane ahead."