iTunes Radio Is Going Global

Apple’s streaming music Radio service seems like it will quickly spread around the world, as new rivals hit the market.

iTunes Radio Is Going Global
[Image: Flickr user Serg C]

According to new data, Apple seems to have pretty aggressive expansion plans for its brand-new iTunes Radio streaming service: In early 2014 iTunes Radio will reach the U.K., and also Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Nordic nations may also get the service in the same time window, so it won’t be an English-language-only affair.

iTunes Radio was launched as a U.S. only affair alongside Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7. It’s Apple’s play to rival some fast-growing streaming music firms like Spotify and Pandora, and while Spotify began its life in the U.K., a quick growth of iTunes into Britain will mean Apple is outpacing Pandora. More than 11 million U.S. citizens tried out iTunes Radio in the five days after its launch, compared to 24 million active users of Spotify and 70 million for Pandora.

Meanwhile, TheNextWeb is reporting that Beats Music is poised to release its rumored streaming music service in the U.S. It will arrive sometime over the next few months, accessible as a website and Android and iOS apps. At the end of September, Beats exited its partnership with HTC which, it had been hoped, would promote Beats’s audio gear and HTC’s smartphones. The buyout cost Beats $265 million in buying back its shares–but the company is not short of cash, having earned an investment of $500 million from the Carlyle group, which is seeking to fund an expansion of Beats’s efforts and revenues.

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