• 10.08.13

How Failure Is One Of The Most Important Factors In Success

Social entrepreneurs talk about the importance of getting back up when something goes wrong.

“Failure is a fascinating thing. People want to avoid it. Yet if you ask, of course it’s the best teacher you could ever have.” That’s what Randall Kempner, the executive director of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs says about getting things wrong. He’s just one of the social entrepreneurs talking about the values of learning from failure in this video.


If you have a risk profile where you’re willing to fail,” says Rajesh Anandan, the SVP of Unicef Ventures, “you value learning, because you’re going to do something better with it.”

Perhaps, in fact, failure shouldn’t be viewed as failure at all. Says Unreasonable Institute’s Daniel Epstein: “Failure is a weird word. I don’t see it as failure. I see it as a natural evolution of a solution to a problem.”

See Kempner, Anandan, Epstein, and others like Mr. Toilet Jack Sim and Ali Marano, the head of technology for social good at JP Morgan Chase, in the video above.

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