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Eat Fresh, Eat Mobile: Subway Is Launching Pay-By-Phone App

Subway restaurants nationwide will soon let users order and pay for their sandwiches by smartphone.

Eat Fresh, Eat Mobile: Subway Is Launching Pay-By-Phone App

[Image: Flickr user Andrew Abogado]

Global sandwich giant Subway is rolling out a major innovation for its thousands of locations in the United States: smartphone ordering and payment. Paydiant, a small company specializing in mobile wallet technology, announced it is powering a mobile app for Subway.

"Paydiant offers the mobile platform that makes the most sense for our franchisees and our customers," Subway's Carman Wenkoff said in a release. "Their mobile capabilities will be a key factor towards providing our customers with innovative services and an exceptional experience."

Although the app's exact specifications and functionality haven't been announced yet, the highly decentralized brand is building on several years of homebrewed apps by franchisees. Subways in California already have an app that allows users to order sandwiches via phone, and New Zealand Subways allow customers to order in advance. One obvious advantage for the company is how apps let users customize sandwiches to their hearts' content without any of the social awkwardness of real-life interactions—customers requesting extra bacon or triple cheese can simply click on a button. Subway also benefits from being able to reduce wait time during peak hours.

Subway's mobile app is expected to roll out in late 2013.