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Where Are They Now?

Surprise: The iPhone 5S Is America's Top-Selling Smartphone

Apple's newest phone has stolen some of Android's U.S. market share, and pushed Samsung to third place.

Surprise: The iPhone 5S Is America's Top-Selling Smartphone

[Image: Flickr user Joseph Thornton]

The accepted spiel online about the smartphone market is that Android is seizing an ever-increasing slice of sales as more and more manufacturers release more and more phones, targeting in particular the lower end of the market. Apple's iPhone, though iconic, is seen as losing the war of numbers. But fresh stats from Canaccord suggest Apple has pulled off quite a coup: For September, its iPhone 5S was actually the U.S.'s top-selling smartphone on all four major networks.

Forbes reports that the second best-selling phone was the iPhone 5C, which many grumbling commentators say wasn't cheap enough or interesting enough to appeal to the general public. That seems to be the opposite of true, given the new stats. The public is lapping up Apple's offering, and in fact has bought so many iPhones that Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4 is now in third place. Given that the new iPhones only went on sale at the end of September, it seems likely that October will be an equally good month for Apple.

Why is this happening? It's hard to pin down, though you may expect some very pro-Apple arguments and some very pro-Android ones to surface. Apple has managed to create a new phone that is both appealing to the public and cheap enough to attract new buyers. However you spin it, it now seems hard to justify criticizing Apple's iPhone policy.