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Russia Plans To Spy On All Of The Sochi Olympics

An investigation into Russia’s security plans for the Sochi Olympics has revealed an enormous surveillance plan.

Russia Plans To Spy On All Of The Sochi Olympics
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While revelations about the NSA’s surveillance grid may disturb you, particularly as more of the system is uncovered, what Russia seems to be planning for the Sochi Olympics may shock you. The Guardian reports that pretty much every single communication of any sort at the Olympics may be spied on.

The FSB security service, which was born out of the remains of the KGB and is actually thought to have more influence than its predecessor, is said to be behind the plans to modernize and expand Russia’s Sorm surveillance grid, which is roughly analogous to the NSA’s PRISM. But where the U.S. spy grid is effectively listening in on communications remotely, Sorm boxes are being built into the communications infrastructure for the Olympics. Sorm will cover the Internet and telephone communications, which, thanks to deep packet inspection protocols, means individual keywords shared inside emails, social networking sites, and more will be subject to surveillance.

The Guardian points out that the spying is predicted to be so severe that the State Department issued a leaflet saying business travelers should be aware that trade secrets and other “sensitive information” would likely be “taken and shared with competitors, counterparts, and/or Russian regulatory and legal entities.” Fierce words.

London’s Olympics were marred by a heavy-handed approach from the U.K. government that effectively tried to smash dissent and protest, but it seems that the plans for Russia are much more severe.

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