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Where Are They Now?

Samsung's Ads For Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Are Real And Here

With two taglines, "It's finally real" and "The next big thing is here," will Samsung's ad campaign for its Galaxy Gear do the business for the smartwatch business?

Ads for Samsung's smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, have been released, and aren't they good? Shown during Sunday's NFL games, one shows stills of various make-believe wrist computers, as worn by fictional TV and film characters such as Dick Tracy, Michael Knight, the Jetsons, and Captain James T. Kirk, while the other, above, shows the sci-fi characters interacting with their smartwatches.

It's a cute concept, and will probably work at making people aware of the fact that you can now buy watches that can send and receive emails and SMS, and give you weather updates and the like—but not in the way that Samsung envisaged. Reviews of the Gear have been less than stellar, and so what the campaign may do is point people in the direction of the Korean firm's rivals. Google's smartwatch is rumored to be out for Halloween. And Apple's iWatch, may well be slewed toward the health and fitness market.