Buyers Said To Be Circling BlackBerry–Including Google

Some big names are considering buying a slice, or all, of what’s left of BlackBerry’s pie.

Buyers Said To Be Circling BlackBerry–Including Google
[Image: Flickr user Stu Spivak]

We know BlackBerry is on the rocks, and we know that the company is considering a sale. Financial firm Fairfax Financial recently made an offer of $4.7 billion, and this was said to have been accepted by Blackberry, although since then, that offer seems to have gone cold. Then the firm was reportedly trying to divest itself of property to lower its costs. And now a fresh set of rumors say some very big names in tech are looking at what a BlackBerry buyout could offer them.

BlackBerry is reportedly in talks with Cisco Systems, SAP, and Google. Intel, LG, and Samsung are also connected to the deal, and we may hear of some firm offers as early as this week. Interestingly, Apple, which is a key player in the ongoing Great Tech War, isn’t one of the rumored names.

BlackBerry has an extensive patent portfolio which could certainly aid a rival firm like Google, although that could also earn the attention of the anti-competitive authorities. BlackBerry also recently reported a writedown-induced loss of a billion dollars, thanks to its flopped Z10 handset, and this will insert a little financial uncertainty into any buyout.

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