Samsung Looks To “Star Trek,” “Knight Rider” In New Campaign For The Gear Smart Watch

Samsung is heralding its Galaxy Gear smart watch with a pair of spots that use classic TV shows like Star Trek and Knight Rider (did we say classic?) to illustrate that our once-futuristic vision of communications gadgetry is “already here.”

The Gear is Samsung’s entry into the wearable technology market (read more about it here). The smart watch allows wearers (who also have a Samsung smart phone) to, among other things, take calls in the manner of characters out of countless sci-fi TV shows–by talking into their wrist. Hence the nostalgia play–the new spots from agency 72andSunny evoke, and show scenes from, TV shows that aired from the ’60s through the ’90s, from Dick Tracy, Star Trek, and The Jetsons to Knight Rider and Inspector Gadget. And Samsung is positioned as the company that’s finally made good on this wearable tech promise–as one of the spots concludes: “After all these years, it’s finally real.”

In a statement, Samsung CMO Todd Pendleton said: “At Samsung we’re about relentless innovation and being the first to market with game changing products. With Galaxy Gear, we are defining a new mobile experience and introducing consumers to these new ways of interacting with their smartphone.”

Does seeing all those TV favorites make you excited to wear your own Gear wrist communicator? Sound off in the comments below.TI