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Google Patents A Digital Photo Frame With Visual Caller ID

A Google digital photo frame would be able to show you who's calling your phone, as well as let you tap on a friend's face in a photo to give them a call.

Google Patents A Digital Photo Frame With Visual Caller ID

[Image: Flickr user laihiu]

Google has patented a concept for a digital photo frame that wirelessly syncs to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Mashable reports. However, Google's not just interested in displaying a rotating carousel of your photos like the digital frame you may have at home. The patent outlines a technology that would allow you to tag photos of friends and family that pop up on your Google frame, then wirelessly sync those photo tags with the respective contacts in your phone's address book. From there, you'd be able tap someone's face on the frame to call them, and have their photo pop up on the frame when they're calling you. Think of it as a visual caller ID system.

A photo frame is an interesting product for Google to eye, if only because the tech giant hasn't had much success in conquering your living room, where photo frames are commonly found. Although the company's Nexus Q cloud-based home entertainment system, which came out last year, is generally considered to be a failure, it opened our minds to a future in which the hardware we use away from the computer could be imbued with the same smart, socially connected features.