• 10.04.13

Bill Gates Invests In Twitter Founder-Backed Vegan Meat Startup

Beyond Meat’s product is almost indistinguishable from meat. And now it’s getting a big boost from the billionaire philanthropist.

Bill Gates thinks the future of meat is … fake meat. He’s said it before. And today, we’ve learned that Gates is investing in vegan meat startup Beyond Meat.


Earlier this year, Bill Gates named Beyond Meat–a startup that’s aiming for the mainstream, non-vegan market–as one of three companies that he thinks are shaping the future of food. Backed by Obvious Corporation (an incubator created by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone and the company’s former VP of Product, Jason Goldman), Beyond Meat makes a variety of fake chicken strips (my personal favorite is the “grilled” flavor) that taste surprisingly like real meat–enough so that you might not be able to tell the difference if someone stuck it in, say, a burrito. You can see some of the offerings in the slide show above. Looks just like chicken!

As Biz Stone told us in an interview, “For people who are actually repulsed by meat, they’re not going to like this.” No word yet on how much Gates is investing in the company, which sells its products at Whole Foods in many parts of the country. Beyond Meat Chicken-Free strips will be available nationwide in the fall.

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